The Ultimate Gift

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The Ultimate Gift

March 7, 2017
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“Tis’ the season to be jolly”—so we hear everywhere we go, but there are many that are unhappy this holiday season, for one reason or another. Maybe you couldn’t afford to purchase everyone gifts this year, maybe you’re tired of the traffic and long lines in the store or maybe you’re just not in the “holiday spirit” this year. No matter what the reason is, we must remember who is the reason for every season.

Yes, Christmas is approaching and leaving us just as quickly as it came, but do we remember why we celebrate Christmas? After the shopping is over, the presents wrapped,then unwrapped, the Christmas tree has been taken down and the New Year’s ball has dropped, will that temporary feeling of joy and happiness keep you throughout the coming year? And, what are los beneficios y para que sirve la garcinia cambogia?

As we take a look at the above scripture, this scripture reveals unto us the ultimate gift.

There is no gift that can love you and fill the emptiness that you have felt all year long…BUT Christ. He truly is a gift—not only for one day, not only for a season, but He (Jesus) is the ultimate gift all year long. He has the power to fill every empty void in your heart. He has a way of comforting you better than any Snuggie.

Today, evaluate your life. Are you truly happy? Can you say that you have peace no matter what comes you way? If you answered no, then are you ready for true joy, pure love and peace? Yes, He came into this world as baby Jesus, but remember He left this world on a cross making the ultimate sacrifice for you. What better gift could you receive this Christmas? What better gift to give to the one who loves you and has already given you so much. Give Him your heart, allow Him to come into your heart, so that the emptiness will dissipate and His joy reside. It’s Time!

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